Underwater Bullet and Air Bubble Magic

Ever seen a bullet fired in slo motion? Pretty cool. Even cooler is seeing a bullet fired in slo motion underwater – the air moving around as a result of of the bullet exiting the chamber lets you see the path, but you also get to see how the air path likes to move after the bullet leaves the chamber. The result is pretty interesting to watch, there seems to be an initial bubble created, which then sort of collapses on itself, and then expands outwards again. Watch the video below (feel free to jump in to 1:50 to see where things start to happen).



The Hyperloop. The Future. Explained.

So a while back, all any nerds or scientists in the transportation community could talk about was the ‘hyperloop‘. Shrouded in mystery, all that was available was some theoretical assumptions based on different physicists drawings of what a ‘hyperloop’ might entail. Now, Elon Musk has explained his idea – which, if built, would be sure to change the face of public transport. Elon has explained his idea as full as possible – and in a nutshell, it involves a vehicle in a tube, that is launched to speeds of 800 miles/hour, traveling through the tube meeting minimal air resistance (potentially a vacuumed tube), using magnetic polarity to accelerate and slow down. The proposed location is between Los Angeles and San Fransisco, currently a nearly 8 hour drive, would be possible in 30 minutes. The tube would be elevated, to require minimal installation, and also allow for solar panels to be installed on the line. In fact, Elon boasts that the energy required would only be 11 MWH whilst the infrastructure would generate 52 MWH. Elon also boasts this proposal would only cost $7.5 billion to create, and tickets one way would cost around $20. Sounds too good to be true? It is all possible, according to physicists. The only unfortunate part is Musk is too busy with his two other wildly successful ventures, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. But we can all dream. Check out a infographic of everything we know so far about the hyperloop:


Stunning Animated Lightshow

Japanese artist Tao Tajima created this phosphorescent vision that is on the streets of Tokyo at night. Tao took some beautiful night footage and edited in some incredible light shapes that look like they could almost actually be there. The lights can be seen reflecting off of surfaces and lighting up dark parts of the environment. One of the most well-edited videos of its kind. Check it out in full screen and HD and just try not to enjoy it.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/69949278 height=400 width=600]


The Future. The Hyperloop.

Elon Musk, billionaire genius and entrepreneur, creator/founder of many awesome things (like PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors), has a personality of ‘challenge’ built right in. Musk is in his current position, because he dreamed big and didn’t listen to people when they said it couldn’t be done (especially is the case with Tesla Motors – Musk is re-defining the automobile industry in the US and has plans to expand to other countries, including Europe). And so, despite his riches, fame and accomplishment he continues to think of ways things could be better, in the most recent case – the mass public transportation industry in the US. Musk has dreamed up an idea called ‘The Hyperloop’, which only has speculation this far, but is described as a ‘combination between a railgun and an air hockey table’. Some initial drawings have surfaced, making some guesses on the basics of this theory:

Theorized by John Gardi, the idea is that this mechanism would take transportation to the next level – blasting people at 600 MPH (or 900 KPH for the metric folks) between their destinations. That would theoretically make transportation between San Francisco and Los Angeles only 30 mins (compared to the nearly 6hr commute it is now). Again, it is all speculation at this point until some official plans come out around the August 12 date, but it is nothing short of an exciting announcement, since we can be sure (as history has proven), Musk tends to put his money where his mouth is. Who knows, maybe in a few years, transportation between major hubs in the US might look much, much different than today.


Niagara Falls from A Quadcopter

Millions of people see Niagara Falls every year – a major tourist spot in the US/Canada. The falls are impressive – actually a collection of three falls combined that have the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the entire world. There are a number of spots to view the falls from, both near the top of the falls and the bottom (and ferry’s that will take you out on the water at the bottom to approach the falls), but not many people get to see a birds eye view just above the falls. But thanks to a GoPro Hero 3 and a Quadcopter, you can experience the falls in beautiful 1080p, just a couple feet above. Check out the video below.



Star Wars Episode IV in 60 Seconds

The folks over at YouTube channel 1A4Studio have taken the iconic Star Wars: Episode IV full feature film, and managed to cut it into a shorter, much more concise synopsis. Approximately 124 minutes more concise – they managed to summarize the entire movie in a mere 60 seconds, rather then the 125 minute run time of the movie. And to make things even better – it is animated. Check out this little work of art below.

What If Game of Thrones Was An Animated Cartoon?

So what would the show look like? What if Matt Groening (creator of hit television shows such as Futurama and The Simpsons) was the one who decided to take the helm of George R. R. Martin’s hit series, “A Song of Ice and Fire” and turn it into a hit tv show? First off it would likely not be the beautiful, rich landscape, well-acted series it is now. But perhaps the characters would still be familiar to what it is now? Artist Adrien Noterdaem has some concept drawings of what these characters could look like if imagined in the right way.