How Does Gambling Work?

Ever wonder why gambling is soo successful in society? Everywhere you look, casinos exist, VLT’s are hidden in the corners of restaurants and bars, scratch tickets are available at any corner store, and the lotteries advertise tens of millions in jackpot amounts (due to the number of estimated people to purchase tickets). We have a drawing to it – we all think subconsciously that we have odds of winning some sort of jackpot – and fed by the media (always announcing the everyday Joe who bought his ticket from some small little store and ended up winning the $40 million lottery), we often succumb to some sort of gambling. In fact, we are so weak to it, that all over North America, there are extensive gambling programs, to help addicts cope and eliminate behaviour. Check out the infographic below detailing the psychology behind this social phenomenon.

[Daily Infographic]

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