World Conflicts of 2012

The world is full of tension and conflict – there always seems to be turmoil somewhere on the planet, no matter how much the rest of the world yearns for peace. In 2012, the Middle East continues to be in conflict; Lebanon and Gaza continue with the same issue, and Iran is reaching their own boiling point (with US drones, bombings and nuclear threats). In the Americas, a drug war has spiraled out of control after the US has put incredible pressure on the narcotics trade; with some high level arrests of some drug families, other families are now violently vying for control. Police stations have been bombed, tourists kidnapped and killed, and political leaders had their lives threatened. Africa has Somalian pirates who have been terrorizing the seas and North and South Korea continue to have a tense relationship, which may have been amplified with the passing of Kim Jong-Il. Check out this handy map to see all the places in the world with some kind of conflict in 2012 (click the map to make it bigger).


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